Saturday, June 21, 2008


REAWAKENING OF PAKISTAN Author MAJOR(R)KHALID NASR The geo -political arena in Pakistan gives us a hope that Pakistani nation is in the process of re-awakening after a deep slumber.Pakistan has seen enough trauma in her life and definitely nedds a respite.This reawakening started after the removal of ex- CJ on 09,march.2007 with judicial struggle.The main objective behind lawyers,media and opposition's struggle is very positive but the approach towards the achievement of this objective is not positive and puts a bad image of Pakistan on the World around us. I think instead of being violent and agrresive the "movers & shakers" of this struggle let the parliament be the deciding actor for the better interst of Pakistan. Rather than behaving like a mafia indicating to be under the influence of "chamak & brief case" strategy, the lawyers should register their grievances & opininions with a positive note.Pakistan---our sohni-dherti is too precious to be left to opportunists and carpet baggars.This need a paradigm shift in the mind-set of our political leaders. _________________WISHING YOU HEALTH & HAPPINESS . MAJOR(R)KHALID NASR

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