Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


REAWAKENING OF PAKISTAN Author MAJOR(R)KHALID NASR The geo -political arena in Pakistan gives us a hope that Pakistani nation is in the process of re-awakening after a deep slumber.Pakistan has seen enough trauma in her life and definitely nedds a respite.This reawakening started after the removal of ex- CJ on 09,march.2007 with judicial struggle.The main objective behind lawyers,media and opposition's struggle is very positive but the approach towards the achievement of this objective is not positive and puts a bad image of Pakistan on the World around us. I think instead of being violent and agrresive the "movers & shakers" of this struggle let the parliament be the deciding actor for the better interst of Pakistan. Rather than behaving like a mafia indicating to be under the influence of "chamak & brief case" strategy, the lawyers should register their grievances & opininions with a positive note.Pakistan---our sohni-dherti is too precious to be left to opportunists and carpet baggars.This need a paradigm shift in the mind-set of our political leaders. _________________WISHING YOU HEALTH & HAPPINESS . MAJOR(R)KHALID NASR

Saturday, June 14, 2008


May I have the honour of introducing Yasmeen Ali and Jamil Zaidi as senior advisor on this blog. I expect good suggestions are active participation from them.May God bless them with good health & happiness..

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I know only sincere & intelligent persons can be my friends others are just companions. However , I invite all my friends to share their views on any topic of common interest on this blog.Let us join hands to build our youth.Your articles are always a source of inspiration for me.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Redesigning Pakistan's Foriegn Policy Major(R)Khalid Nasr Next two to three months are very crucial for redesigning Pakistan's foriegn policy.Pakistan will have to take firm stand regarding her relations with USA.After the so called restoration of democracy in Pakistan, the situation has become very fluid.Relations with China & Iran have to be strengthend as both these countries have a role to play in the region.US interference in Pakistan's internal affairs and violation of international boundry laws would increase but it would have to be strictly dealt with.India & Afghanistan would become more agressive in their response to the issues of common interest. Although, it would be very difficult for the government to handle the worsening situation on the diplomat front but a very proactive approach will have to be taken .The OIC has to play a very important role in the coming scenario.Muslim world would have to be united to counter the ill designs of both Israeel and USA .Iran would become a hub of the Islamic strength.Pakistan would be safe in case of a stronger Iran.Muslim countries would have to consider the option of United States of Islam.